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Expect to see your JEA utility bill increase in December

The JEA Board voted 5 to 0 to pass a monthly fuel charge to fluctuate with the cost of fuel.

JACKSONVILLE, Fla — Your electric bill is going up if you’re a JEA customer. That means nearly half a million people will pay about 8.5% more on their electric bill, and you’ll start seeing that in December.

That 8.5% increase could translate to about $10 more on your bill every month just to keep your lights on. The big question is why. 

The JEA Board of Directors voted 5 to 0 to increase fuel rates to keep up with the rising cost of fuel. They also changed the fuel charge to a monthly fee instead of annually.

“If the monthly fuel rate adjustment is implemented, customers' charge would increase and decrease along with the change in fuel costs each month," said Juli Crawford, Director of Financial Planning and Analysis at JEA. 

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Jacksonville Daily Record reports that the 8.5% increase is an average people would see on their bill. Expect to pay anywhere from $6 to $10 more a month for your electricity in your home, but that will fluctuate based on the rise or fall of fuel prices.

JEA board members say they also purchase fuel ahead of time to manage costs. JEA has nearly half a million electric customers that this will impact.

"You say the proposed includes safeguards to protect residents from extreme weather events. We are all remembering Texas last winter," said one board member during the meeting. "How do we protect?" 

Crawford said "So as the edits are proposed, we would limit the month-over-month increase in that fuel charge to no more than 20%.”

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Organizations like Catholic Charities of Jacksonville and even the City of Jacksonville help people with their utility bills. Organizations usually require an application and often an appointment where you provide documentation of the need.

You have about a month until the increase kicks in to apply for help.