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Wake Up & Save: How to cut back on electric bills while working from home

Are you working from home and noticing your electric bill increase?

JACKSONVILLE, Fla — We thought by now we’d all be back in the office and the pandemic would be in the rearview mirror. 

However, the reality is that many people are still working from home.

A 2020 Gallup poll shows that 33% of Americans are still working from home full time and 25% work from home sometimes.

So while you’re home, turn off the lights when you don’t need them. Work from an area with good natural lighting. It’s good for your mood and your wallet.

Chariot Energy, a company focused on energy efficiency, says when you do need lights on, use LED bulbs. They say incandescent bulbs are 90% inefficient. 

LED bulbs may cost more at checkout, but the Consumer Federation of America says over 10 years they can save you 1000 dollars on your bills or about 8 dollars a month.

Turn the AC up so your bill will go down. Chariot Energy says your HVAC is the single most energy-consuming appliance in your home. They suggest keeping the AC at 75 degrees to save money. 

Too hot for you? Turn on ceiling or desk fans. Chariot Energy says those appliances consume just 2 percent of your energy bill compared to 17% the AC eats up.

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Unplug at the end of the day. Not just your mind. Chords that are left plugged in, even with nothing attached, suck up energy.

They're called vampire electronics. Vampire electronics can comprise about 10% of your electric bill.

If you want to know how you are using energy in your home, request a free energy audit through your electric company. 

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