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Commentary: The importance of guilt-free mommy 'me time'

Should I feel guilty about spending my entire Saturday morning at a spa instead of with my twins? The thought crossed my mind.

I found myself drooling poolside. Lying in a robe on a cool afternoon surrounded by women seemingly in their element. 

I became so relaxed that my lounging turned into snoring. A friend gifted me with a day at the spa for my birthday and I eagerly accepted. My time was filled with rest and relaxation. 

Thoughts of the chaos likely underway at home filled my mind, my husband caring for my children (who I lovingly call the ying-yang twins) crossed my mind. But I didn't dwell on the fact that I may be missing a tooth making its first appearance, or the sweet sounds of Journey and Trey attempting to say 'momma.' Instead, I enjoyed a massage, time in the jacuzzi, mimosas and bellinis.

It was time well spent on a Saturday morning turned into early afternoon. 

Briefly, a bout of guilt came over me as a photo of the twins appeared on my cell phone. Should I be enjoying them as much as possible every waking moment of the day that I’m not working? Or should recharge as needed whenever possible?

 I chose the latter of the two.

Uninterrupted guilt-free “me time.” My birthday prompted this spa day and has lead to a realization that this isn’t about celebrating it’s a matter of surviving and thriving in the wild. I can do this! I can be one of those moms who is able to choose me sometimes and do so unapologetically. Happy birthday to me.

Credit: Keitha Nelson