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How to celebrate, style your new-mom body

Local stylist shares tips and tricks to accentuate the curves you like and conceal the ones you'd like to get rid of.

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — Ahead of Mother’s Day Good Morning Jacksonville teamed up with local stylist, Kristopher Sawyer to help moms look and feel their best.

After having a child you’ve likely seen celebrity mom’s bodies snap back quickly to what it once was before having a child. For the majority of mothers, that’s often not the case. Babycenter.com surveyed 7,000 mothers and 86 % say one to two years after having their baby their belly still has not returned to normal.

Jacksonville dentist Christina Monford-McNish is a mother of three. Her children range in age from 15 years to 10 months old.

Credit: Keitha Nelson

“I was able to bounce back sort of quickly after having our older child but more recently after having two kids in my 30s it was a little different,” McNish said. “The changes in metabolism were different. I do have a mommy pudge and a lot of people don't think so. I've learned how to hold it in and breath very small breaths." 

Sawyer, owner of Mr. Peculiar Styles says it’s time to exhale. He took Doctor McNish out of her scrubs and into some flattering looks.

“The first outfit I went with a nice flowing blouse to help conceal some of her curves in her torso area,” Sawyer said. “I went with a nice straight leg pant and followed through with a high heel pump. For women after pregnancy, mom jeans, boyfriend jeans, high waist jeans - those kinds of clothing items can conceal the look they don't want people to see.”

“I like to dress up it makes me feel good,” McNish said. “When you look good, you feel good.”

Sawyer encourages mothers to embrace their new curves.

“I know women that deal with anxiety and self-esteem issues but there are ways to work around it,” Sawyer said. “Try to figure out what's your fashion sense based on upon your personality and just go from there. My motto is to be creative, be different, be you.”

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