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Uncertain time for small businesses as COVID-19 causes major losses in revenue

Southern Roots Filling Station is a locally owned cafe in Riverside and Atlantic Beach. They temporarily closed one location after the recent rise in cases.

ATLANTIC BEACH, Fla. — Small locally owned businesses are hurting as COVID-19 is on the rise again. 

Popular Ponte Vedra sports restaurant and bar Bogey Grille announced that it's permanently closing on July 3 because of the strain from coronavirus. 

Down the road in Atlantic Beach, Southern Roots Filling Station is temporarily closing. Owner Mariah Salvat says she gave her employees the option to not work if they don't feel safe. 

She says many took that option and they couldn't staff the location in Atlantic Beach. 

“It was just too hard staffing wise, we gave people the option to not work so that they would feel safe, do what was right for themselves and their family," Salvat said. 

There is another location in Riverside, which is open but is now their only revenue source. Dine-in service is not available. 

Arrows show customers the way, order at the front where a Plexiglas separates the customer from the cashier and then arrows point customers to the other side of the cafe to wait.  

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“We have a great community and they show up. We have still been able to pay our bills," Salvat said. "We’ve still been able to pay our employees which at the end of the day was all we were asking for and hoping for with this is just to be able to make it out on the other side.”

She says business is down by 50 percent. She hopes this won't last much longer considering the significant impact COVID-19 is having on business.  

“Keep showing up and supporting your local businesses," Salvat said. 

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"We all have choices and we all choose where we spend our money. Be mindful of that," she said. "Even the little things like going to your local grocery store instead of a big box store. Same with coffee shops or where you are buying your food. Tip your servers well. Be kind."

There is no tentative reopening date for the Atlantic Beach location yet due to the uncertainty of COVID-19.