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These are the things you should get rid of on your resume

Applying for a job can be hard - don't make it harder by having a bad resume.

The job search can be a scary time! You're updating your LinkedIn, reaching out to contacts and most importantly, dusting off your resume. In the competitive world of job hunting, there's many ways you can stand out -- but you never want to stand out for the wrong reasons. We've compiled a list from several experts to help you make that resume sleek, relevant and most importantly - land you the job. Here's some things you can definitely take off:

1. Any job experience from 5 - 10 years ago

Take out your random assortment of jobs from your college years or those couple of temp jobs you worked. The best rule of thumb is a limit of 4 previous work experiences.

2. An objective line or "personal statement"

Though these were popular a few years ago, all they really do is take up precious space on your qualifications. Mention those in your cover letter instead.

3. "References Available Upon Request"

There’s no need to add this to explain how references are available upon request. To a hiring manager, this is a given.

4. Your GPA

Unless you are 1-2 years out of school, no one is going to ask what your GPA was.

5. Odd fonts or colors

Keep it simple! Make sure your text is readable on all computers (Ariel or Times New Roman are FINE), and keep it no smaller than 10 pt.

6. Your face

Unless you are an actor or applying for a front-facing position in entertainment, there is no need to include what you look like and it takes up valuable space. (Plus, that's why they ask for your profile links!)

7. Weird or potentially polarizing interests

Though you may be president of the "Neighborhood Beer Drinking Club," steer clear of anything that would make employers second guess picking you. Show off your personality and interests that you think align with the company's brand.

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