Most of the world knows that Prince Harry proposed to Meghan Markle and she will soon be a member of the Royal Family.

But is her style just as regal? How is her shine different than Kate Middleton’s?

Leave it to DBL’s pop-culture guru Tory Shulman to take us on a royal tour of the differences between the posh "princesses."

First stop—the royal attire.

Veteran Duchess Kate follows the rule that royal outfits must be as perfectly put together as a neat British cucumber sandwich. However, new-comer Meghan follows the beat of her own drum. She was recently spotted in mismatched earrings, like a teen who went on a wild shopping spree at Claire’s.

Next stop – the royal hair-do.

Kate loves a good blow-out and her hair coiffed tight enough to balance an egg. Meghan’s first national appearance was complete with a messy bun, like she just sped through London with the carriage windows down.

Final stop – the royal make-up.

Kate enjoys a super natural look where less is more—to her, at least. Meanwhile, Meghan waltzed into the Queen’s Pre-Christmas Lunch wearing lip gloss with more sparkle than a Lisa Frank binder.

Meghan is proving that her style is just as unique as the spelling of her first name.

Where do you fall—are you more of a Kate or Meghan? Or do you ditch all the rules and make royal regulations of your own?

Give us your royal DBL Take!