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Window to the Weekend: Hot and mostly dry with a great view of the Super Flower Blood Moon (FCL May 12, 2022)

Our New South Window Solutions forecast looks good (albeit hot) for the weekend. Showers move in Friday, but clear out by Saturday.

An area of low pressure is just off our coast. Most will stay dry Thursday (maybe a few late coastal showers as the system approaches), but Friday looks wet. It'll be hot and dry by Saturday. Look to the sky Sunday night. This full moon will also be a super moon and coincide with a total lunar eclipse. Super moons appear larger and brighter as its when the Moon is at least 90% of perigee, or at the point in the Moon's orbit closest to Earth. A lunar eclipse occurs when the Earth passes directly between the Moon and the Sun. This results in the Earth casting a shadow on the Moon. During a total lunar eclipse, the Moon is fully covered or obscured by the Earth's shadow, which creates a reddish hue to be cast on the Moon. This is why it's termed the "blood moon."