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Staying on Budget this holiday season (FCL Nov. 25, 2022)

Katrina Holt, Financial Health Expert, Affirm, shares top budgeting tips ahead of the holiday season to help you manage your finances.

Amid inflation, managing your money has never been more important - especially as we approach the holiday season. Affirm recently revealed that nearly half (42%) of Americans pointed to budgeting for all of the purchases they need to make this holiday season (for everything from gifts to travel to hosting) as one of their top sources of stress. As they adjust to higher prices, the survey also uncovered that shoppers will be much more international about their holiday shopping this year, prioritizing gifts for loved ones over coworkers and gift swaps.

Find out how payment options like Affirm can be a useful budgeting tool and help shoppers take control of their finances and the new trend of “Intentional Gifting” and how it helps consumers prioritize spending. Go to affirm.com or download the app to learn more.


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