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How to get your run done in the heat this time of year (FCL July 14, 2022)

This heat is tough on all of us this time of year and it makes you want to skip that all-important work-out. Well don't throw in the towel just yet, you can do it!!

This time of year it can be quite a challenge finding a way to both work out and stay cool!

You can blame mother nature for making our average high temperatures feel like 100 almost every single day. So what is there to do!

Well it is all about TIMING…making time for yourself is more important. Remember this time of year you want to get a work out in consistently 3-4 times a week. MAKE TIME FOR YOU, YOU DESERVE IT!

THE NIGHT BEFORE A BIG WORKOUT IS the TIME TO HYDRATE…NOT THE DAY OF YOUR WORKOUT BECAUSE BY THEN IT WILL BE TOO LATE AND THAT IS BECAUSE THE HEAT IS SO OPPRESSIVE THIS TIME OF YEAR. For instance when the the thermometer hits 80 this time of year our body’s workout temperature FEELS 15-20 degrees hotter. So hydrate and get it done early. Our BODY’S workout temp this time of year reaches 100 by 10 a.m. and does not cool back down until after 8 p.m.

During your run make sure you have water and sports drink with you along with sunscreen and a hat. If you are getting a sunburn our body has an even tougher time staying cool. This time of year is not a sprint. Everything should be done nice and easy. Come October when it cools down then you can worry about flying like an eagle. Now it is just about being safe and getting your workout done.

So the hardest part is preparation and starting. We did it We are PREPARED! Now let’s FINISH STRONG…TO DO THIS make sure to take water breaks on your walks and runs every mile. I usually include a break that lasts about 1/10 of a mile or 2 minutes. This includes having a water bottle and a mix of sports drink and water you can take a drink out of. Run, rinse and repeat every mile!

After the workout is vital to cool yourself off properly. The quickest way is to pour water over your head and ice your wrists, neck and temples of your head. You also want to get your blood sugar back up and help recovery with a protein bar. Then you drink more water and enjoy an orange. Also have a towel to dab sweat so you can cool off and a change of clothes. I have my flip-flops ready.

I then look forward to a nice cool shower and relaxing in the air conditioning for the rest of my summer day. You also want to continue to drink plenty of water and start planning your next run.

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