A new Netflix reality special asks the question: “Can we be manipulated through social pressure to commit murder?”

Yes, you read that right.

Psychological Illusionist Derren Brown is an English television personality and has brought his hour-long social experiment “The Push” to Netflix.

The premise of the program is a test of Brown's ability to manipulate someone to commit murder.

Brown sits in the production control room wearing a headset that allows him to communicate with the 70 or so actors on set. Every actor is in on the experiment. The contestant has no idea he is being played or filmed.

It’s not actual murder, obviously. The person to be murdered is sitting on the ledge of a rooftop building, feet dangling below but attached to bungee cords.

The show is hard to watch at times. It can be morally agonizing. You may find yourself asking why you're watching something so horrible, but good luck looking away. The hardest parts to watch are the most heart-pounding, as you’re forced to place yourself in the shoes of the innocent contestant and wonder what you would do in these most terrible circumstances.

Every one of these circumstances is carefully planted by the creator of the show, Derren Brown. He sets up every minuscule detail, event, conversation and dialogue as a way to plant seeds in the contestant's mind along the way that will contribute to the ultimate goal: murder.

Yes, the show ends with the contestant, feet away from the potential victim on the rooftop of a high-rise, having to decide whether or not to 'push' him to his death.

Reactions to the show have been widely-ranged, as you'd imagine. A lot of people question the morality of the show.

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Here's the trailer: