Clones, science, organ farms and a whole lot of weirdness this week for First Coast Comics Pick of the Week! This week we have Image Comics' Farmhand and Marvel's X-23.

Title: X-23

Publisher: Marvel Comics

Author: Mariko Tamaki

Art by: Juann Cabal

Cover: Mike Choi

Published: July 11, 2018

Rating: 12+ only

I. love. mutants. I am not afraid to say it! I love mutants! Woo! Laura is so cool but perhaps cooler than her is Gabby, A.K.A. Honey Badger! She is my new hero! Honey Badger and X-23 are taking on big baddies to make sure other clones aren't made to be used as weapons like they were. I'm putting this in my ever-growing subscription list because it was good.

Title: Farmhand

Publisher: Image Comics

Author: Rob Guillory

Art by: Rob Guillory

Published: July 11, 2018

Rating: M

This comic was weird. I like weird, but boy, was it weird. It's about organ farming, kind of? Organ farming in a literal way. It's about a family farm that somehow becomes more scientifically advanced than the world can imagine. Limbs and organs grow on bushes and trees and are tended to by farmers. But patriarch of this family, and his farm, is hiding a lot of secrets and you'll have to wait until issue 2 to find some of them out. This comic was great and quirky!