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FCN QUIZ: How Southern are you?

Hold onto your britches and grab a glass of sweet tea.
Credit: FCN

So you think you're southern? Well, bless your heart.

First Coast News has put together a quiz designed to put your southern roots to the test.  So hold onto your britches, grab a glass of sweet tea and answer the following questions to see just how southern you really are.

* Keep track of your answers, you'll need them later.

1. You walk into a room full of people, how do you greet them?

A. Hello everyone.

B. Hey y'all!

C. Howdy!

D. Sup?

2. Which one of these best belongs in a mason jar?

A. Jams and jellies.

B. 'Shine'.

C. Candy.

D. Nails and other odd bits.

3. Chicken fried steak is...

A. Steak deep fried in chicken grease.

B. Chicken deep fried in steak grease.

C. Disgusting.

D. What's for dinner.

4. What do you use a buggy for?

A. Spray used to get rid of mosquitos.

B. To put groceries in at the Piggly Wiggly/Publix

C. Small shield to keep rain off your shoes.

D. Small tool to help you start a boat motor.

5. What do you call your mother's sister?

A. Aunt (Pronounced like ant)

B. Auntie

C. Aunt (Pronounced like 'want')

D. Annie May Fandango.

6. What is a Mint Julep?

A. A type of dress worn to debutante gatherings. 

B. Expensive hat with tons of fringe.

C. A drink made from bourbon, sugar, water and mint.

D. When you stub your toe on a hot sidewalk.

7. Fill in the blank. My father is ______ a wet hen.

A. Crazy as....

B. Mad as....

C. Hungry as....

D. Stubborn as.....

8. You would never leave the house looking like:

A. A huradobaloo.

B.A ragamuffin.

C. A boondock.

D. A Patriots fan.

9. Least favorite insect?

A. Lovebug.

B. June Bug.

C. Loons. 

D. Ants.

10. "____ than a frog hair split four ways"

A. Smaller.

B. Weirder.

C. Harder.

D. Finer.


  1. A (1) B (4) C (3) D (0)
  2. A (3) B (4) C (1) D (0)
  3. A (3) B (2) C (0) D (4)
  4. A (1) B (4) C (1) D (1)
  5. A (2) B (4) C (2) D (0)
  6. A (1) B (1) C (4) D (0)
  7. A (1) B (4) C (1) D (1)
  8. A (0) B (4) C (2) D (3)
  9. A (4) B (4) C (1) D (1)
  10. A (1) B (1) C (1) D (4)

Add them up and see what you got!


  • 32 points or higher = Congrats, you are a true southerner! You probably have a cold glass of sweet tea in your hands right now.
  • 24 to 31 points = You have some southern roots but you have a bit more left to learn. Don't worry partner, you'll get there.
  • 16 to 23 points = Are you sure you live in the South? We're not so sure. May as well be from Maryland we reckon.
  • 0 to 15 points = Oh honey. Bless your heart.

*** Hey ya'll, this quiz is for entertainment purposes and doesn't amount to a hill of beans. It's not mean to offend anyone. Have more ideas for quizzes? Email Cfeindt@firstcoastnews.com

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