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Trent Moorman

Trent Moorman is a digital producer.
Credit: FCN

Trent Moorman is a writer, reporter, and content producer with 10+ years experience in print and digital media. 

Born and raised in Atlanta, he moved to Jacksonville in 2021 from Seattle, where he lived for 20 years.

Trent's work has appeared in VICE, Rolling StoneSalonMTV, the Stranger, Tape Op, Portland Mercury and elsewhere.

Trent was a columnist/reporter for the Stranger in Seattle for ten years, writing features and a weekly print column conducting interviews. 

Interviews ranged from Lady Gaga to Snoop Dogg to Zach Galafianakis to an Australian man who jumped on a dead whale being eaten by sharks. 

Other journalistic activities include being shot by a bulletproof tailor in Bogotá, Colombia, and accompanying Ken the Ghost Hunter to Jimi Hendrix's grave. 

See Trent's portfolio.

Trent is a drummer who has toured nationally and internationally. His music appears in TV and film. Currently, he provides the theme music for CNN's Anderson Cooper Full Circle.

Trent is influenced by dream psychology, kick drums, and peanut butter. His favorite internet dogs are Bunny and Mr. Bubz. 


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