Mailbag: Where could the Jaguars use Shaquem Griffin? Most likely positions to target in the draft?

With the offseason in full swing, the Jaguars Mailbag has an eye toward the future.

This week's Jaguars Mailbag features questions about the draft, free agency and more.

Zach Goodall asks: Where would you play Shaquem Griffin in the Jaguars scheme and where would you draft him?

Mike Kaye: Following his impressive performance in Indianapolis, scouts around the NFL will re-evaluate the tape on Griffin. His 4.38 40-yard dash was the fastest by any linebacker in NFL Combine history.

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At 6-foot and 227 pounds, Griffin is likely to be used as a 4-3 linebacker at the NFL level. Missing his left hand, some have viewed Griffin as a potential liability in certain areas of the game. I think the skepticism is valid but also entirely based on projection.

With all that in mind, I think Griffin will be taken in the third or fourth round. He will probably be used as a two-down player early on in his career.

I think he would be a standout as a strong-side linebacker for the Jaguars. His speed and instincts make him an ideal fit as an early-down player. Ideally, you want him running around and attacking whomever has the ball. Griffin is a heat-seeking missile in space and he finishes at the point of attack.

During his college career, UCF used Griffin off the edge, as a stack linebacker and put him out in coverage. Griffin's ability in coverage at the NFL level will be a "to be determined" attribute for most. That's why a two-down role at SAM makes a lot of sense. He needs to be able to attack the run and blitz, using his speed to the defense's advantage.

Griffin would be strong competition for Blair Brown at the SAM linebacker position. That battle would finally move Myles Jack to middle linebacker. Imagine the speed at linebacker with Griffin, Jack and Telvin Smith on first and second down.

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Christopher Thornton asks: What is the most likely position the Jaguars target in free agency and then at No. 29 in the draft?

MK: When you're targeting positions in free agency, you typically want to find weaknesses that need immediate upgrades. I think tight end and guard are the two spots that need immediate upgrades for the Jaguars.

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I think the tight end position is one that could see two additions this offseason. The Jaguars could potentially target tight ends in free agency and the draft.

I really like the guard and offensive tackle talent in the draft. I think the Jaguars should take advantage of the class and focus their efforts on the offensive line early on.

@HenneBooBoo: Jaguars general manager Dave Caldwell said (in the past) he wants starters with the first three picks. In order of priority name the position the Jaguars should draft in rounds 1, 2 and 3. Bonus points if you can associate a player realistically available at those positions in each round?

MK: I would say the order of importance would probably be offensive line, tight end and linebacker.

The offensive line needs upgrades and I think that's the area to attack in the first round. The tight end position should have plenty of talent on Day 2. Linebacker is a spot to consider in the third round.

If Allen Robinson walks in free agency, wide receiver springs to the top of the list.

@ChevyJas asks: What are your thoughts on the Jaguars letting Aaron Colvin walk and trying to sign an elite dual threat slot/safety like Lamarcus Joyner or Tyrann Mathieu?

MK: My thoughts are: no thanks. Either you pay the internal guy, who has been fantastic or you draft his replacement. Joyner and Mathieu would be much more expensive than Colvin. The secondary already has tons of money invested in it.

Randall Robinson asks: In what scenarios do Jags trade up earlier into the first round and for who?

MK: I think it's a little too early to pick a player to trade up for. However, if there is a position the Jaguars covet, the front office should make a move. The No. 29 pick gives the Jaguars plenty of options, including trading down for a position if there is a run on a group of offensive guards or wide receivers.

If there is a run on offensive linemen, I think the Jaguars could be forced to jump up. It's really just a matter of weighing cost effectiveness.

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