From funeral home to "the Flats": Dedrick Mills helped dig graves before playing at Tech

ATLANTA -- Dedrick Mills is excited about playing in his first bowl game. His friends and family are excited to go watch him.

Mills, a freshman who rushed for 602 yards and 11 touchdowns this season with the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets, said his entire hometown city of Waycross, Ga. is going to travel to Jacksonville, Fla. to see him in the TaxSlayer Bowl on Dec. 31 and play against the Kentucky Wildcats.

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Some of his fans will include his old work friends.

"The dudes that I used to work with at the funeral home, they've bought 40-something tickets," Mills said to reporters on Monday.

Wait, you worked at a funeral home, Mills?

"Hey, it [was] something to do," he said.

Mills joked around with reporters about his previous job, describing his old responsibilities (which even included helping dig graves from time to time) and how the workers are a little more jovial than you might expect.

Watch Mills describe his old job:

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