Viral lies: Can you be ticketed for having a phone in your hand while driving?

I won't make you scroll.The answer is no. Not yet.

I won't make you scroll.

The answer is no. Not yet.

But still, this post on Facebook stating otherwise has been shared over 100,000 times. As a millennial who needs her GPS to get out of a paper bag (that she probably got herself into by not using her GPS) I felt panic bubble up when I saw this post.

It was posted at the end of February and states that Florida passed a new law that if a police officer so much as sees you with your cell phone in hand that you can be written an expensive ticket.

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Well, according to the DMV Florida website, which is linked in the post, that is not true. Cell phones are said to be a distraction and you will be written a ticket if you break a road rule while using your phone, but that ticket will be for reckless driving, distracted driving, etc.

Texting while driving is illegal in Florida, but it is a secondary law, meaning that you cannot be pulled over if an officer thinks you're texting. You can, however, be pulled over for speeding or swerving and also written a ticket for texting.

Recently, a bill has gone through the House of Representatives that would make texting while driving illegal in Florida as a first offense but has gone to the Senate where it still sits.

I am not sure how this information got into the internet-sphere when the link debunking this is literally in the post. It's important to check facts, I really can't say it enough. The internet is the friend who tells you that you look cute and then makes everyone laugh and point when your back is turned; don't trust her.

Destiny Johnson is a digital reporter at First Coast News. She cares about eradicating fake news on social media so she can view more memes and worry less. Follow her on Twitter @hello_destiny.