People are becoming friends thanks to April the Giraffe

People in Washington are finding real friendships thanks to a livestream dedicated to April the Giraffe in New York.

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April the giraffe is about to give birth any day now. At least that's what officials at the Animal Adventure Park in New York have been saying for several weeks now. Every. Single. Day.

We have posted the livestream every day as well. It's not at all journalistic, and it's not at all local. However, hundreds of local people are glued to the stream. How do we know? Because when we come in overnight and try to take down the feed, people start emailing us and messaging us, "Bring back April!"

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Now, we have learned to keep up an April livestream at all times. It doesn't prevent us from posting relevant news stories but we have dedicated one computer that has the capability of livestreaming April the giraffe.

It makes people like Angel Pasquan, Kitty Garnett, and Sarah Perry euphoric. Kitty lives in Seattle and she met Sarah and Angel in our livestream, who both live near Graham. All three were strangers until we started sharing the giraffe's updates.

"Isn't it amazing how one giraffe brought so many people together from all over the world?" asked Pasquan. "We're as opposites as can be and we're best friends for life over a giraffe."

Pasquan, Garnett, and Perry take different watches over the giraffe so that they won't miss April when she goes into active labor. Perry often jumps in on our livestream to combat trolls with animal facts. The three also joined another Facebook group called #TeamFunnyFarm so they can keep up with the latest April news.

"Who would've thought?" asked Garnett. "But I'm so grateful for it because I would've never met these two and lots of other people, too."

"We don't talk about anything really," said Perry, who also has aspirations of becoming a vet tech. "We don't talk about politics. Nothing matters except for the fact that we're having fun watching this giraffe."

The three recently met in real life at the Woodland Park Zoo, which is also housing a pregnant giraffe. Zoo officials say they've had a lot more interest in their giraffes because of April.

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A Seattle man even created an app that will notify you when April goes into active labor. KING 5 will also send out push alerts if you download the app.