Arlington residents are fired up over neglected potholes

Several residents in the Arlington Hills community are growing frustrated over neglected potholes.

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - Several residents in the Arlington Hills community are growing frustrated over neglected potholes.

Theo Durant lives along Eastill and Arble Drives, where a pothole sits directly in front of his drive-way. He said the pot hole has been there since Hurricane Irma, and the city has yet to respond and fix it.

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"It's extremely dangerous," Durant said.

Durant is also the father of eight kids. He said the potholes pose problems when they're playing outside.

"Its not a busy street so they can interact in the street but it causes problems, causes complications, you know," he said. "Little ones, they want to see in the hole you know, put their hand in there like that so it kind of complicates things when it comes to them enjoying the outdoors."

Durant added that he is also concerned for the safety of drivers who are not familiar with the road.

"There could be someone who doesn't live on the block that doesn't’ know it's there and could be driving fast, they hit the hole and spin in my yard, hit my car, hit my kids, hit me, you know, you got to be careful," he said.

Durant isn't the only resident who has contacted the City. Mark Lamirande lives a street over from Durant. He said he's called to voice his concerns about a similar pothole located along Arble Drive and Congaree Court.

"That's been there since the hurricane, they keep coming out putting pylon or a cone in it and what happens is people are driving over it or driving into it," Lamirande said. "They keep saying they are coming out to fix it and it never gets repaired and here we are four or five months later, we need to get it resolved."

Lamirande added the holes also causes flooding problems when it rains.

"That fills up and it's putting debris into the drainage ditches, which back up and then you get to flooding the streets, so we need to grt this resolved, its definitely a safety issue," he said.

First Coast News reached out to the City for comment to find out if or when the holes will get fixed, and the City responded saying that Public Works is aware of the issues and repairs have been scheduled.

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