JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — Sick of those annoying questions every single time you check in at the doctor's?

"Have you been exposed to anyone with COVID?"

"Have you had diarrhea in the last 48 hours?" 

"Have you tested positive in the last two days?"  

"Have you...."  "Have you..."

Sometimes you just want to scream, "No to all of them! Let me go on in."

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Well, Melanie Wood grabs onto her own inner spirit and actually makes the routine a bit of joy.

We recorded her 21-second question session, so you could enjoy it, too.

Of course, the questions are important, but Melanie has a way to make everyone smile when they come into Mayo Clinic Jacksonville.

And to her, the job is much more than just the paycheck.

Her sister, Gladys Lucas, is battling triple negative breast cancer at Mayo Jacksonville. Melanie moved to Jacksonville and took the Mayo job to support her sister.

"We keep her moving. You know, we tell you there will be bad days, but you know what, girl?  We'll get through it as a family," Melanie says.   She and her family pour their hearts into coaching her sister through the fight. 

Melanie says, "I love her more than anybody."

Credit: Melanie Wood

Melanie is hoping her sister's last treatment will be in several days. 

Meanwhile, she takes up her mission to brighten the days of patients and families visiting loved ones at Mayo. 

Wonder how many times a week that Melanie repeats her 21-second pep-up session for people?  It's a lot. No doubt.

If you have a heart for helping people like Melanie does, Mayo is holding a Hiring Event Thursday, Feb. 3 from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.

The open jobs are for people to schedule appointments and coordinate patients. 

The pay starts at $15.97/hour.  

Bring your resume and come to Mayo's Vincent A. Stabile Building 3rd Floor on Mayo's San Pablo campus.