Track your 'smart' luggage via GPS

SACRAMENTO, Ca. -- There are a lot of aspects of flying that can be frustrating, and for most travelers, lost luggage is at the top of that list.

"I'm more afraid of bags getting lost than planes crashing," said Jamil Dada, a frequent flier who has dealt with missing luggage.

But there is new technology in the works that has the potential to prevent lost luggage dramas. Airbus' prototype, Bag2Go, is smart luggage that uses GPS and cellphone technology to keep track of luggage through the travel process.

Bag2Go is not yet available to consumers, but it has people excited.

"It would be really convenient," said Craig Fearn, who travels with his family and frequently checks bags. "We call it 'Bagland' when our bags are lost, so it would take a lot of the anxiety out of it, just knowing where your bag is, even if it wasn't lost."


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