Jax law misspelled 'Philips Highway' when signed; City council looking at a fix

Jeannie Blaylock anchors. 9/8/2016

JACKSONVILLE, Fla.—You've been spelling it wrong. Or maybe not. Google Maps spells one thing. A street sign near San Marco spells it another way.

A bit of Jax highway history: Judge Henry Bethune Philips lived in South Jacksonville (Middleburg, now) until 1940, when he died. He was famous for his public work with roads and the general development of the infrastructure of Duval County around the turn of the century.

Philips Highway is named for him.

He's got just one 'L' in his last name. But, upon signing the city ordinance renaming U.S. 1 in Jacksonville to honor him in 1963, Jacksonville Mayor Haydon Burns didn't catch it was misspelled with two 'LL's.

That's why you occasionally will see a street sign with two 'LL's in it. 

At a city meeting on Thursday, council members wrapped up a discussion deciding on the proper spelling. The council is in the early stages of forming a new ordinance that would correct the 1963's spelling.

If the ordinance correcting the spelling is ever passed, city officials say they'll give it a couple years before enforcing it, allowing for old (incorrect) stationery, city maps and documents to be used up.

So, for the time being, it seems, the law says 'Phillips Highway' is the proper spelling.

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