JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- Due to Hurricane Sandy, two Holland America cruises are now going to be passing through the city as part of their trip. One will be disembarking in Jacksonville, and the other will now be departing from Jacksonville.

A 13-day cruise that left Quebec on Oct. 14 and was scheduled to arrive in Fort Lauderdale, or the alternate of Port Canaveral, will disembark in Jacksonville on Saturday, according to an update from Holland America.


The ship has been docked at a cargo pier since 3 p.m. Friday. Holland America is working with passengers to transport them to the Fort Lauderdale terminal, and help them if any of their flight travel has been affected.

The other affected cruise, a seven-day "Malt Shop Memories Cruise," was supposed to leave Saturday from the alternative spot of Port Canaveral, but it will now leave from Jacksonville.

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Transportation will be provided from Port Everglades cruise terminal #29 to Jacksonville. This cruise, however, will end in Fort Lauderdale as originally scheduled, according to the update.

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