Tom Curran was on to something.

The CSN New England Patriots reporter hinted on Wednesday at the possibility tight end Aaron Hernandez or other witnesses destroyed their cell phones. According to a new report from ABC, police contend Hernandez did.

Specifically, Hernandez according to ABC gave his cellular phone to the authorities "in pieces."

Per ABC, Hernandez also allegedly destroyed the surveillance system at his home. The system included video captured by cameras. (Not to be confused with video captured by something other than a camera. Which would be very impressive.)

Police also are curious as to why a team of house cleaners (possibly led by Harvey Keitel) were hired to "scrub" the mansion where Hernandez lives on Monday.

The ABC report contains a sliver of good news for Hernandez. Despite a report from that Hernandez is "likely" to be arrested, ABC characterizes Hernandez as somewhat farther from doing a perp walk. For now.

"He [Hernandez] has not been ruled out," a police official told ABC. "We are not calling him a suspect, but he is definitely not in the clear."

Still, none of it looks good for Hernandez, especially since there are multiple crimes with which he could be charged short of being accused of pulling the trigger. And the alleged destruction of cell phone and video evidence suggests that he believes he had something to hide.