(USA TODAY) -- Indiana guard Victor Oladipo announced Tuesday he will enter the 2013 NBA draft.

Hoosiers coach Tom Crean and Oladipo met with the news media at Assembly Hall in Bloomington, Ind.

Oladipo, a junior guard, was named a first-team Associated Press All-American. He will graduate from Indiana in May.

After the Hoosiers' season ended against Syracuse in the Sweet 16 of the NCAA tournament, an NBA scout told The Indianapolis Star: "It's a no-brainer for Victor to head to the league because his value won't get any higher than what it is. Returning will likely hurt him."

Oladipo gradually moved up draft boards during the season. He's an aggressive defender, is athletic and quick and has improved his jump shot.

He averaged 13.6 points and made 44% of his three-point attempts this season.

"He's ready for the NBA right now," a scout said. "I think he can help teams because he has a motor. He can defend, and his offense has gotten drastically better. He plays bigger than his size. ... His style of play is better suited for the NBA because of the way the game is officiated with limited touching. His speed gives him the clear advantage."

Wednesday, there will be an announcement regarding Cody Zeller's decision whether to stay or turn pro.

Zeller entered the college season rated by many as the potential No. 1 overall pick in this summer's draft. But that talk died down as the season progressed because Zeller "lacks toughness and rarely took over games" this season, according to an NBA general manager.

Zeller struggled against physical big men in college, and big men in the NBA are leaps and bounds ahead of those in college.

"What you saw against Syracuse is exactly why his stock has fallen," said one scout who watched Indiana play throughout the season. "He couldn't get his shot off and he played passive against a physical, athletic team. That's not the way to show you're ready for the NBA."

Zeller had 10 points on 3-for-11 shooting against the Orange. Five of his eight misses were the result of his shot being blocked.

"He's got short arms," the scout said. "He should return (to college) because he needs more skill development. He's a utility guy who needs to master what it takes to be a utility guy. That will be his niche, and it'll be off the bench for some time if he comes out."

Zeller manned the middle for the Hoosiers, but most scouts say he'll play power forward in the NBA.

The Washington, Ind., native averaged 16.5 points on 56.2% shooting and 8.1 rebounds a game this season.

Zeller might be better suited for a team that plays uptempo because it allows him to use his best skill set of running the floor.

"He reminds me of Tyler Hansbrough of the Pacers," a general manager said. "Zeller can't always get his shot off in the paint, but he runs the floor extremely well and he plays hard. Teams draft on potential."