New York, NY (Sports Network) - The WNBA announced three rule changes onThursday, including adding an anti-flopping rule.

"Flopping" will be defined as any physical act that, upon review, reasonablyappears to have been intended to cause the referees to call a foul on anotherplayer, according to a release by the league.

"Flops that are intended to mislead referees into calling undeserved fouls orfool fans into believing a foul call was missed are a detriment to the game,"WNBA chief of basketball operations and player relations Renee Brown said."With that, both the board of governors and the competition committee feltstrongly that a player who, upon video review by the league, is believed tohave committed a flop will, after an initial warning, be given an automaticpenalty."

After receiving a warning for a first offense, players found to have floppedin the regular season will then receive fines of increasing amounts. A sixthviolation will then be subject to a further increased fine and/or suspension.

In addition to the anti-flopping rule, the WNBA will also add a defensivethree-second rule and push back the three-point line to 22 feet, 1 3/4 inches,which is the distance used in all FIBA competitions.

Replay will also be expanded to allow the review of Flagrant Foul 1's and isnow allowed to be instituted during the final minute of regulation andovertime to determine whether an offensive player who committed an illegalcontact was inside or outside the restricted area.