He's one of the biggest names in sports so it's not surprising that Tim Tebow keeps popping up, despite the fact that his 8-8 Denver Broncos didn't make it to this weekend's Super Bowl.

But whether or not his team is in the spotlight, there's not denying that Tebow is still on the tip of everyone's tongue.

The topic of Tebow's continued media presence played out on ESPN2's First Take on Wednesday, when Grammy award winning R&B singer John Legend dropped by with a rendition of his chart topping hit "Ordinary People."

Legend belted out "Extra-Ordinary Tebow"as ESPN analysts Skip Bayless and Stephen A. Smith looked on. At points in the song Legend pleaded with Bayless, a staunch Tebow supporter, to stifle Tebow-Mania.

"Just not on every show," Legend sang. "Skip won't you let it go?"

Are we "way past the infatuation phase" with Tebow, as Legend suggested? Maybe. But the song is still entertaining.