GRAND RAPIDS -- Grand Rapids Police have released moredetails in the drunk driving arrest of a Grand Rapids Griffin hockeyplayer after a Halloween Party.

20 year old Riley Sheahan was arrested at the intersection of OttawaAvenue and Pearl Street on October 30th after driving the wrong way onOttawa near Fulton Street. He continued toFountain Street withapolice car following, and drove around construction barrels beforestopping.

Sheahanidentified himself to policeas Brendan Smith and was wearinga purple Teletubbies costume. According to the policereport,Sheahan's eyes were glazed over and blood shot and the interiorof the vehicle smelled of alcohol.

Sheahan told police that he had had a "few" drinks and probablyshouldn't be driving. He failed the road sobriety tests and refused thePBT test. Police took Sheahan to the Kent County Jail where Sheahantook a breathalyzer test. He recorded two tests of .30 each time. Thelegal limit for drunk driving is .08 in Michigan and the Michigan SuperDrunk Laws are .17.

At the jail, Sheahan asked to take off the Teletubbies costume and fell over while doing so.

Sheahan told police that he had the ID of Branden Smith because he was not over 21 and used it to get in bars.

Sheahan is charged with fraudulent ID by a minor, OWI over .17,refusal to take PBT, and driving the wrong-way on a one-way street.