by Carrie Healey, The Grio

CINCINNATI, Ohio -- People have been arrested doing strange things, but an Ohio man takesstrange to a new level ... again. Charles Marshall, 28, was accusedWednesday of having sex with a stuffed animal in Cincinnati.

Employees at the Elm Street Health Clinic first reported thesituation to police, which led to Marshall's arrest. This is the fourthtime in two years he has been arrested for reportedly masturbating witha teddy bear in public.

Marshall was arrested twice in 2010 and once in 2011 for similarincidents. His first arrest was at a public library, and his mostrecent was made in an area where "minors were likely present" policereported.

In the past, Marshall has been cited with disorderly conduct, and the Daily Mail reports that "it is unclear whether Marshall used the same teddy bear on each occasion."