JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- The suspect in the Los Angeles International Airport shooting has ties to Florida.

The FBI has been trying to learn more about 23-year-old Paul CianCia and agents were on the campus of a technical school in Orlando. The Motorcycle Mechanics Institute of Orlando confirms CianCia attended the school for two years and graduated December of 2011.

"We're really going to draw picture of this person, to help us explain why he chose to do what he did," said David Bowdich, FBI.

Officials are saying CianCia had a plan to kill multiple TSA employees at LAX Friday. They say the suspect says he acted alone and had a handwritten note.

"He addressed them at one point in the letter and stated that he wanted to quote: 'instill fear in their traitorous minds,'" said Bowdich.

CianCia has been charged with murder of a federal officer and violence at an international airport after he reportedly killed a TSA employee and wounded two other TSA workers and a passenger. He is under armed-guard at the hospital.

A spokesperson for the Mechanics Institute in Orlando says she cannot comment on what the FBI was looking for at the school, but the president will be available for comment Monday.