TALLAHASSEE, Fla. -- Gov. Rick Scott is resuming his effort to eliminate illegal voters from Florida's election rolls.

Scott calls the voter purge effort "Project Integrity." He has said he does not want the votes of non-citizens to dilute the votes of legitimate voters.

Now Florida Secretary of State Ken Detzner is meeting with several supervisors of elections about the plan.

Supervisors have been skeptical of the effort because a similar purge last year was filled with mistakes. It led to lawsuits accusing the state of unfairly targeting minority voters.

Florida Democrats are blasting this new voter purge. Party chairwoman Allison Tant calls it an attempt to suppress votes.

"It's all about profiling to figure out who shouldn't vote, not who should vote. It's all about who we can keep from voting. If you have an 'o' or an 's' at the end of your name, you're very likely or you might just lose your right to vote. This is a waste of time and money."

Last year's voter purge mistakenly eliminated some qualified voters from election rolls.

Detzner is confident that won't happen again this year because now Florida has access to a federal immigration database that, he believes, will help make sure legal voters don't lose their right to vote.