Bradenton, Florida - An 18-year-old man was arrested for allegedly giving wedgies to people outside of a movie theater.

Charles Ross says he started posting music videos on YouTube about a year ago. Then music turned into pranks. Ross says he uses a hidden camera and sometimes has help from friends.

Whether he's walking up to strangers and giving them a kiss, jumping on their backs unexpectedly or sitting on people's laps, Ross says it's all a prank.

"I like to do stunts. I guess it's the adrenalin, it's fun," says Ross.

Ross has posted 60 videos posted on YouTube under the name RossCreations. Some videos have more than 550,000 views, showing him jumping over cars and from bridges. His recent video of kissing men and women strangers is nearing 400,000 views.

But somebody didn't find his latest prank funny -- giving people at a movie theater wedgies -- and filed a battery charge against Ross. Manatee County Sheriff's deputies arrested him on Sunday.

Ross does not disagree with the charge or arrest.

"It was a joke I was playing. It doesn't mean it's OK, what I was doing. I think it was fair," says Ross.

Deputies say Ross grabbed people by the back of the pants and pulled them up, hard. Several victims said they were too embarrassed to press charges.

Investigators describe Ross' pranks as battery. "It's touching of another human being when that person does not want to be touched," says Dave Bristow, spokesperson for the Manatee County Sheriff's Office. "This person did not want to get a wedgie. Who would want to get a wedgie?"

Ross says, "I say I'm sorry that someone got offended. It's supposed to be a joke. Some people find humor and laugh at it... others can't."

Despite his arrest, Ross says he will keep making videos, but more like the ones where he walks up to a stranger and plays the "Trust you" game. He falls backward trusting they will catch him, and most people don't and let him fall.

Ross says, "I like to make videos of people laughing at my expense."

This is Ross' second arrest in three months for pulling his pranks. In November a Sarasota Sheriff's deputy charged Ross with disorderly conduct. The deputy says he was sitting on a picnic table when Ross jumped on top of it and over the deputy's head, putting him in harm's way.

The State Attorney's Office will decide if they will prosecute Ross on the battery charge. Manatee officials say the battery charge does carry possible jail time.

Ross says once both sheriff departments return his equipment and videos, he plans on posting both on YouTube, but he will blur out the deputy's face.