TALLAHASSEE, Fla. -- Gov. Rick Scott is asking Floridians to be prepared for Tropical Storm Isaac because right now the entire state is in the storm's risk area.

The governor met with Florida's emergency management leaders several times Thursday to get the latest updates on the storm.

Scott is urging citizens to have at least three days of food and water for their families in case the storm hits. Forecasters say Isaac could strengthen into a hurricane as it approaches the U.S.

The hope right now is that Isaac will dissipate if it passes over Haiti and Cuba.

Gov. Scott says there currently is no plan to cancel the Republican National Convention in Tampa starting next Monday. State emergency management leaders are holding two briefings a day with convention organizers and county emergency managers to make sure everyone has the latest information.

The RNC spent the last 18 months planning the convention and the possibility of a hurricane was part of that process.

Gov. Scott says he won't tell convention organizers whether to go ahead with the event if Isaac threatens. Ultimately, he says that will be the RNC's choice.

"I had a conversation with the CEO of the convention, Bill Harris, they are ready. They have been planning for this. Hopefully we won't have a hurricane, but the convention has planned for this and we're all coordinating our information."

Gov. Scott says Florida is ready to respond to a hurricane but the state has not pre-positioned any supplies yet because the storm could hit anywhere.

FEMA is packing 18-wheelers with emergency supplies stored at itswarehouse near Atlanta. The agency says they will be driven to the NASJacksonville on Friday to distribute to any areas that are hard hit.FEMA chose Jacksonville as a staging area because it does
not expect the city to be at the center of the storm.

Florida National Guard soldiers will help with security at the convention, but so far, there have not been any changes in security plans there. The governor says soldiers are ready for any change in deployment.

"Our goal right now is to get everybody the same information so we can make a coordinated decision and do the right thing. If we need to bring in more National Guard we can do that but it's still too early and the hope is this is going to go away. But if it doesn't, Florida is ready, the convention is ready and clearly our local communities are ready."