FORT DE SOTO PARK, Fla. -- The video has gone viral, and the "mountain of booze" has been seen by many on YouTube.

It was supposed to be a big party last Saturday night at Fort De SotoPark.In fact, James Hines and his buddies caught it all on camera,along with a narration of party supplies.

The liquor list was long and included everything from Tequila, toRum, Vodka, red wine and beer. It was clear the peoplewere ready for abig night.

However, they got shut down before the party ever started.

The booze-fest was busted through social media. It turned out, thepark rangers used a Google alert system where any time Fort De Soto ismentioned online or in a social media website, the rangers are alerted.

Apparently, the party people made one big mistake - they sent thevideo to their friends who weren't invited. All of a sudden, that videomade it to YouTube.

"We heard about it," one park source said, "and asked them to leave."

Fort De Soto has a zero-tolerance policy. "Alcohol is not allowed in any county park," said one source.

Since no alcohol is allowed, the Gray family from Indiana, said thismade for the perfect vacation location. William and Kelly Gray broughttheir four kids to the park for a camping trip.

"We would not have brought our kids here if there was alcohol," saidWilliam Gray. "We heard about this party. Our [camping] neighbor told usabout it."

The party was so popular, William said, that the campers were yelling, "Jello-shots," at 11 am.

"I'm glad I can bring my kids here, so they can run around and besafe. You never know if those people are driving," said Kelly Gray.

The party-goers were not arrested or cited in any way. They weregiven two options - either box up the booze and leave the park or stayand get cited for each individual bottle.

The people left and took their alcohol with them.