JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- The new Duval County Courthouse, which is off limits to the public for now, was opened up briefly for a media tour for a glimpse inside the $350 million dollar judicial complex located on Adams Street.

Circuit Judge Mallory Cooper, who has been involved in overseeing project, headed up the tour.

"It should look like a place where justice happens," said Cooper, who is looking forward to Monday when the facility is officially opened to the public.

Construction work still continues inside after the building lastFriday passed a critical fire suppression system test. Problems with that systemdelayed the opening of the courthouse, and the old courthouse on Bay Street pressed back into action this week.

A council committee assigned the task of overseeing the project met on Monday to get answers to questions aboutall the problems and the delays.

"The issues that wereknown, we were not keeping them to ourselves,"said David Reaves,a vice president for Turner Construction, the company in charge.

Reaves said major problems were identified as the old courthouse was being closed down in mid-May.