JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- Al Thomas spent days searching for his lost dog, then he reached out to First Coast News for help. He was rewarded for his hard work when he was finally reunited Friday.

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He was involved ina single vehicle accident last Sunday afternoon on Interstate 295 near Duval Road. His dog Dixie was in the passenger seat of his pickup truck, and ejected out the back window. Dixie was last seen running alongside the interstate.

Thomas spent the next five and half days searching for his lost dog, handing out flyers in nearby neighborhoods and searching the woods for his missing friend.

OnWednesday, Thomas told First Coast News, "We've searched these woods all the way from Duval Road up to I-95."

Thomas's search finally ended Friday morning.

He got a phone call after our Wednesday newscast.

A woman said her son saw the dog in his yard. Then Friday morning, another woman called and reported a Dixie sighting in her front yard.

Twenty minutes later, he and a friend found Dixie in an undeveloped subdivision.

"She would not come to us at first but once I started baby talking her a little bit, she come up and once she recognized it was me. It was on then, she was all over me. I said come get her stick, because that is our favorite game and she came to me and I got a slobber bath."

Thomas took Dixie to Callahan veterinarian Michael Payne for a checkup Saturday morning.

"Sometimes they are traumatized after accidents like this," Payne told Thomas. Dixie had indeed been acting skittish since Thomas found her.

Thomas was happy to be reunited with a best friend.

"I was overjoyed of course, I had given up hope, I didn't think we were ever going to find her," Thomas said.

Thomas said the vet told him sheappeared to be a little sore and had lots of ticks, but other than that, Dixie was fine.