JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- In the shadow of EverBank Field are two city entertainment venues that do not have a corporate name, but that could change if the city finds a taker at the right price.

City hall is exploringnaming rights and the value for the Baseball Grounds of Jacksonville and the Jacksonville Veterans Memorial Arena.

"If you look where our facilities are located you can seem them by interstate, you can see them by normal traffic going to EverBank Field," said Alan Verlander who is the Executive Director of Sports and Entertainment for the city.

Verlander says the processwill take time by first determining a price point and then seeing if there is interest.

"We just got to get with people who can really put a value then go out and sell it," said Verlander who noted the city is in the early stages of the process.

EverBankpaid $16.5 million for five yearnaming rights to the stadium where the NFL Jacksonville Jaguars play. This year those rights are paying the team $3.5 million.