JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- Bulldogs were wagging their tails - and the Gators - well they were still having fun too.

Following a 23-20 win for the Georgia Bulldogs over the Florida Gators, the more than 80,000 fans who watched the game weren't ready to call it a night.

Howard Wernow, from Canton, Ohio comes back every year with his friends - originally the UF alum is from Ponte Vedra.

"Having a great time, the tailgating scene is great we didn't actually go to the game we stayed here and tailgated went to one bar down the street we got hre at 8 oclock this morning and started to party, in all kinds of weather we stick together," Wernow said.

He flew in specifically for Florida-Georgia weekend. It's a tradition he and his friends have every year - and even though they're packing up - the party isn't over.

That's also clear for RV City - Gator fans and Bulldog fans alike - are celebrating together.

"There's always going to be a rivalry especially Florida Georgia but most people I know showed a lot of class and there was some great conversations going on. If you play some good music and you have good food people are going to be kind and generous," said Wade Miller.

Win or lose - the party continued for both sides into the early morning.