JACKSONVILLE, Fla. --The search for answers continues in a deadly car versus pedestrian accident.

Friday night, a mother and daughter where struck by a car while crossing the intersection fo San Jose Blvd. And Haley Rd. while they were going to temple.

Esther Ohayon, 57, was pronounced dead on the scene her daughter Orly Ohayon, 16, was transported to UF Health of Jacksonville.

Now the synagogue the mother and daughter were walking to is working to make sure no future car vs. pedestrian accidents happen.

Rabbi Yaakov Fisch said the rules of the road are being ignored and after two of his worshipers were struck by a vehicle, he believes something needs to be done.

"I have though for years that [San Jose Blvd. and Haley Way] was an accident waiting to happen. We've had near misses over theyears and my wife was once walking and the car screeched at the last moment." said Fisch.

Turns out while San Jose Blvd. was under construction for a widening project the Department of Transportation says it received a request by a rabbi in the area asking for a pedestrian overpass.

The DOT tells First Coast News it looked into the idea but that it was not feasible because of cost and the minimal amount of people that would use it.

The last pedestrian overpass was built on Southside Blvd. and Ivey at a cost of nearly $2 million, the DOT says after requests came from the community and officials from a nearby school.

Now Etz Chaim Synagogue is making the same request.

"I don't know if you can put a price tag on a life, and life has been taken," said Rabbi Fisch.

Now the rabbi is looking into a number of solutions to the San Jose Blvd. -- Haley Way intersection including; getting a JSO officer to watch the intersection while people are arriving and leaving service or extending the pedestrian signal Saturday mornings.