A group of Jacksonville Jaguars fans will convene at EverBank Fieldat 3:16 p.m. on Monday for a three hour, 16 minute rally to encouragethe team to sign Tim Tebow.The start time and rally length are apresumed nod to Tebow's favored Bible verse, "John 3:16," but, whoknows, it could also be a reference to his anticipated quarterbackrating if he ends up getting signed.

The 0-2 Jaguars scored 11 total points in their first two gameswith quarterbacks Blaine Gabbert and Chad Henne. This poor start,coupled with a healthy dose of delusion, is enough to make some fansthink Tebow is their franchise savior.

"Love him or hate him [...] Tim Tebow behind center in a JacksonvilleJaguar uniform would change everything," the awkwardly-named group "Jags-Tebow, Why Not" writes on Facebook.

Yes, it would change everything. For starters, it'd make fans wistful for the Blaine Gabbert era.

Tebow is a state hero from his high school and college days inFlorida. He was cut by the New England Patriots at the end of trainingcamp. Since then, he's fielded offers from Kiss's Arena League franchise and a football team in Russia, but has had little interest from NFL teams, including the Jags.

Though it's telling that the two people from the photo above feelcompelled to cover their faces while advocating for a Tebow signing,their "Why Not?" slogan raises a decent question. Seriously, what do theJags have to lose by signing Tebow? They'll sell some more tickets,will get some national media attention and won't force television stations to apologize for airing their games. It's victory all around, excepting for the games Tebow would play, of course.