UNION COUNTY, Fla. -- According to police officials, several peoplewere shot when a gunman opened fire on employees of the Pritchett Trucking Company Saturday afternoon in Lake Butler.

Sources also say that this was a murder-suicide and that the owner of Pritchett Trucking Company was shot and killed.

First Coast News has ateam headed to the scene. We will have an update on this incidentas soon as we have more information.

UPDATE: (4.00 p.m.) Union County police say the gunman shot 5 people including himself. Three are dead.

Shooter, Hubert Allen Jr., was the step-grandfather of Buffalo Bills' C.J. Spiller.

UPDATE: (4:28) David Griffis was the first victim shot around 9:20 a.m. at the Pritchett Trucking Company, according to Union County Sheriff Jerry Whitehead.

Allen Jr., 72, then tracked down the owner of Pritchett Trucking Company, Marvin Pritchett, and shot and killed him in his vehicle. Allen worked for Prichett for 35 years and recently retired.

Pritchett was 80-years-old.

Lewis Mabrey Jr., 66, was also shot by Allen. Mabrey survived the shooting and helped police identify the shooter. Mabrey was transferred to the hospital in critical condition.

Allen then drove to a local barn where he shot and killed Rolando Gonzales Delgado, 28, then returned to his home and killed himself, according to police.

Pritchett was the uncle of Sheriff Whitehead.

Police are still investigating a motive. At one point the investigation involved over 100 officers combing over five different crime scenes.

Griffis, 45, was transferred to the hospital in critical condition.