JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- It is not easy to watch, let alone talk about. But, dog fighting has happened for a long time - even since medieval times.

"We get calls all the time with dogs that are dropped off and they have scarring and a term "bait dog" where they might be used," Jen Watson with the Pit Bull Sisters pit bull rescue group said.

A viewer sent us photos of her foster dog, she says a veterinarian speculated to be used as bait in dog fights.

"It happens a lot. You just don't hear about it a lot," Watson said.

In January, 12 dogs were removed from a Camden County, Georgia, home where investigators found evidence of an alleged dog fighting operation. The dogs are at an Atlanta shelter and the investigation continues.

In February 2012, about 17 dogs were removed from a home on Norfolk Boulevard in Jacksonville, according to the Humane Society. The homeowner was charged with several counts of animal cruelty and is still awaiting trial.

Then in Orange County several people are charged with operating a dog fighting ring in March.

Watson of Pit Sisters works to rescue dogs. Her group rescued two-year-old chance from a South Florida dog fighting operation eight weeks ago and is receiving rehab in Jacksonville.

"He's doing better," said Watson.

Dr. Scott Morley has worked with animals since 1960. He says there are things to watch for if you suspect a dog fighting victim.

"Multiple scars around the head and evidence of wounds that have opened up," Morley said.