JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- The rules of the road are simple, if you run a red light, you run the risk of paying a penalty.

Now with red light cameras to document your driving you could see a $158 fine in your mailbox just like Jessica LaPointe, and find yourself reacting to some false information.

"I'm not paying a ticket that's in my name if I didn't incur the ticket my self. The points are going to go on my license, I'd rather it go on my husband's, it was his mistake not mine," said Jessica LaPointe, a Jacksonville driver.

But running a red light and getting caught on camera does not produce a ticket, you are issued a civil citation, so no points go against your license.

According to the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office, you are responsible for your vehicle and who you let drive it, so the fine is sent to the registered owner of the vehicle.

"I saw [it], yes that was definitely him and yes he did run the red light, take responsibility for that," said LaPointe.

But one thing LaPointe refuses to take ownership for is the late fee and the now $262 citation, Redflex, the company that operates the equipment says she owes for failing to respond by the July 12th deadline.

"[Redflex] didn't do their part, they lost my document,"

LaPointe claims she mailed off documentation to change the name on the citation to her husband's and over-nighted the documents, two days before the deadline.

Later showing us a copy of the signature for the Redflex employee who signed for it.

In part of a written statement to First Coast News, Redflex said: "...the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office will be voiding Ms. LaPointe's Uniform Traffic Citation. Redflex handles close to 18,000 pieces of mail on a monthly basis and unfortunately we had an error in how we handled one of those pieces - Ms. LaPointe's red light traffic safety camera violation. We are grateful that the issue is resolved. The Respect the Red program is focused on modifying driver behavior and we are proud to partner with the Sheriff's Office on this public safety program."