ORANGE PARK, Fla. -- An argument at a house party led to one man being shot in the face early Sunday morning.

The victim, a 20-year-old male, was having a party which was supposed to be a small gathering of friends.

According to the Clay County Sheriff's Office, 20-30 uninvited guests showed up to a home at 3733 Woodbriar Drive in Orange Park around 4 a.m. on Sunday.

After being asked to leave due to rowdiness, the group continued to hang out in front of the victim's home and set off fireworks.

The victim and a friend armed themselves with a .380cal handgun and a .40cal handgun, respectively, confronted a group of 5 to 6 males and told them they needed to leave.

While the groups argued, the victim and his friend were approached from behind by unknown males carrying handguns and told to get on the ground.

The friend knocked away the gun pointed at his head and ran inside to retrieve a shotgun when a single shot rang out, according to CCSO.

When the friend returned he saw the victim had been shot and the suspects were leaving in a silver SUV.

The victim was transported to UF Health in stable, but critical condition.

CCSO is looking for witnesses who might have information.

Anyone with information about the incident should contact the Clay County Sheriff's Office at 904-264-6512.