JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- When the national or even the local media take a shot at the Jaguars, fans no longer have to just sit and take it.

There's a very vocal and growing group of fans on Twitter that know how to handle pundits when they get something wrong, or make negative speculation about the team they love.

"The national perception is that Jacksonville is a dead city," said @MoviePaul.

We're sticking with Twitter handles in this story to protect the anonymity of this group.

He continued, saying he believes national perception is the Jags don't have a lot of fans.

"Jacksonville does have a good fan base," he said.

The latest topic from some national writers that had this group in an uproar: The Jaguars are going to move to London or L.A.

When writer Jason La Canfora suggested that the Jags would be the first team to move overseas, hundreds of Jags fans around the city let the journalist hear about it through Twitter fodder.

Some of it hilarious, some of it downright offensive.

Either way, the arrival of Twitter as one of the most powerful forms of social media has given a voice to the "average Joe" fan.

"It's great for fans to have this outlet," said @MadeByTim. "And on the other side it keeps reporters on their Ps and Qs."

The sports anchors and radio hosts don't hold all the power anymore, according to these tweeters.

By being able to tweet directly to the reporter, they say, it allows them to hold him or her accountable.

They say it also allows fans to react on their own terms, not having to wait on a reporter or writer to interview them for an outlet.

"It gives the fans a voice," said @TealTalk, "We don't have to wait for some writer to give us a voice."

If you're interested in finding and reading this city's passionate group of Jags fan's tweets, Bold City Brigade and Teal Street Hooligans are both a good place to start.

Remember, it can get "salty."