JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- San Jose SabreCats defensivecoordinator Cedric Walker was arrested and charged with battery after a post game brawl with68-year-old Jacksonville Sharks general manager Ronald Johnson.

The fight ended with Johnson being taken to the hospital after Walker slammed Johnson into a wall twice according to the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office.

The altercation began in the hallway near the locker rooms after an Arena League football game between the SabreCats and Sharks Saturday night.

Two Sharks cheerleaders were exiting their locker room when the SabreCats' owner confronted them about being on the field.

Laura Bouchy, co-owner of the Sharks, intervened and a verbal argument ensued. Due to the argument, several memebers and staff of the Sabrecats exited their locker room and intervened.

According to the arrest report, Johnson entered the argument to protect Bouchy from verbal assaults.

Johnson and Walker then engaged in an personal argument.

In a statement to JSO, Walker said Johnson called him "a boy", despite Walker telling him not to.

When Johnson called him "a boy" again, he became enraged and chased him down the hallway, according to Walker.

Walker chased after Johnson, punched him in the face and slammed him against the wall according to multiple witnesses.

Johnson began having medical complications due to the incident and was taken to Baptist Medical Center with severe chest pains.

Walker was escorted from the building.

A JSO officer later located Johnson on the Sabrecat's team bus and read him his Miranda rights.

Walker admitted to striking Johnson and was charged withbattery of a person 65 years or older and simple battery

Walker was released from jail on Sunday.

The SabreCats beat the Sharks, 57-36.