JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- Sixteen Head Start facilities in Jacksonville will re-open Wednesday.

The openings will affect the 1,500 children who are served by Head Start programs facilities closed last Friday.

Eight facilities will not re-open Wednesday. The total capacity of these facilities is around 250 children.

Congresswoman Corrine Brown surrounded by local elected officials and pastorsdescribed conversations that happened over the weekend with officials in Washington to restart classes.

"We realize how important this issue is to the community. We are taking care of the children," said Congresswoman Brown.

The challenged being faced over the next two days is shoring upstaff since 166 instructors will be needed. Some teachers at Head Start centers have moved on to other jobs since they were told two weeks ago the school year was being shortened.

Head Start officials will notify parents of children who attend these facilities beginning Monday, so that alternative arrangements can be made, according to the FDCF.

The re-openedfacilitieswill stay open until June 7.

Here is a list of the Head Start facilities that will not re-open this Wednesday.

  • Head Start at Greater Grant Memorial, 5533 Gilchrist Road
  • Head Start at Happyland Center, 1577 West 26th Street
  • Head Start at The Bridge, 320 West 8th Street
  • Head Start at Hilltop Village, 1646 West 45th Street
  • Head Start at Shands, 2052 Jefferson Street
  • Head Start at Southwind Villas, 8711 Newton Road
  • Head Start at Edward Waters College, 1626 Grunthal Street