JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- Beth Price may run the only business in the world where she doesn't want to see the same customer twice.

"The repeat customers I do have, which is what I don't want," she said.

Price runs an online only business called The Divorce Shower Store.

"Part of the store is to make anyone going through a divorce put a smile on their face. The #1 product we sell the most of is the cake topper," she said.

She started the business after going through a rough divorce herself.

"Yes I've been there and done that."

But, despite what she says many people think, she actually loves marriage and has moved on herself.

"I'm divorced, but also remarried," she said. "That's important for my husband."

Price has been married nine years now, and said she believes in lifelong love.

But if things do fail, she said she's there to help by organizing divorce parties and divorce showers.

There's also another an online business based in Jacksonville dedicated totally to staying married:

And Price says there's plenty of room for both types of business. Statistics prove it.

"Fifty percent chance," Price said. "I would commend someone who runs a business like that."

Price said she's not out to break marriages, but is there to help pick up the pieces and do it with a bit of a smile.

"I believe it's out there, but sometimes you make a mistake, you learn from it and move on."