JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- First Coast News cameras clearly caught Antonio Pressley's cries for help as the man he says stole his backpack jumps in to a white car and speeds away.

Asking people for help. Screaming and crying.

Pressley says there were 30-40 people at the bus stop when he was robbed, but no one moved.

"I was like HELP, PLEASE HELP, and people just stood there," Pressley said.

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Police were on the scene within minutes, and have caught one of the suspects, but Pressley thinks people on the scene could have done more.

Local law enforcement however disagrees.

A spokesperson with the Clay County Sheriff's Office said it's best for witnesses of crime to stay back and not engage the suspect.

They say if you can record the event safely, that is helpful to law enforcement, otherwise, just pay attention so you can give an accurate description of the suspect.

But Pressley, a father of 5 who said he's down on his luck, wishes someone could have done more.

"People don't understand how it would feel until it happened to them. If they were in my shoes, and no one did anything, they would feel the same way."