JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- The joyful noise coming from a neighboring church is a little heavy on the noise for one Jacksonville homeowner.

"Last Sunday was Easter, which was a time to celebrate. We had our families all here and it was just at a point where you couldn't even come outside and talk," said Dave, who's property backs Celebration Church.

So, instead of using his backyard to relax, Dave has turned it into the perfect perch to watch what Celebration Church is doing on the other side of his property.

The homeowner said Wednesday night and Sunday, the services are so loud they infringe on his quality of life.

"Being a good neighbor sometimes requires you to do more than what the building codes require."

Since October, Dave and his wife, along with their neighbors, said they have sent letters, emails and made phone calls to Celebration Church asking for assistance with the noise.

The only response they have received referred to pine trees planted as a buffer.

First Coast News contacted Celebration Church and asked for an interview regarding the noise complaints but was told the church would need two weeks notice and passed along contact information.

The city of Jacksonville's Environmental Quality Division handles noise complaints and if you're in a similar situation, you can file a complaint online at


Once the complaint is filed, it will be investigated and could lead to a fine.